Firat University, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (RAI)

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Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory

The Robotics and Artificial Intelligence (RAI) Laboratory is a interdisciplinary research laboratory at Mechatronics Engineering at Firat the University in Elazig in TURKEY. 

The Laboratory especially interest at the reasearh areas  relating to locomotion an grasping of the moving robots like humanoid robots and mobile robots.

The aim is to costruct an effective human-robot interaction in complex, uncertain, and dynamic environments to advance robotic exploration, manufacturing, rehabilitation, and medicine and to achieve self-learning the robots by using artificial neural networks.

RAI is directed by Dr. Aysegul UCAR, a member of Mechatronics Engineering Department at the Firat University. 

Research projects at RAI have been supported by The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TÜBİTAK) and Scientific Research Projects Coordination Unit of Firat University (FÜBAP). 

The laboratory includes mobile robots, humanodid robots, torso humanoid robot, unmanned ground vehicles, and unmanned air vehicles.

The current projects are

TÜBİTAK-1003, Development of a new deep learning algorithm for training of humanoid robots

FÜBAP-Object Detection for autonomous vehicles by using lidar

The previous projects are

Visual-Based Control of an Autonomous Ground Vehicle Equipped with Lidar and Camera, 2018.

Human Tracking and Path Planning with an Intelligent and Autonomous Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, 2018.

Realization of FPGA-Based Real-Time Image Processing and Object Recognition Algorithms, 2018.

Development of perception system for autonomous vehicles by using

GPU-based learning, 2018. (Click for the video)

Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) for Mobile Robots using RP Lidar and Kinect Sensor,2016.

Object Detection by using FPGA and Matlab, 2016.

Human Robot Interaction with Nao Robot Platform, 2014. (Click for the video)